• INDIA - 22/01/2021
  • CANADA - 22/01/2021

Dr. P.Valliappan, Professional Specialist Engineer

TCC Excellence Award 2015




Dr. Valliappan  graduated with a Bachelor of Honours degree in Civil Engineering from Annamalai University, a Masters degrees in Civil Engineering from University of Madras and Nova Scotia Technical College in Halifax and finally a doctorate degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg. Upon completion of his academic pursuits, he settled in Niagara Falls, Ontario with his family.  There he worked for 27 years as a Professional Specialist Engineer in Geotechnical Engineering with a Consulting Engineering Company.  He worked in various parts of Canada, U.S. and mostly overseas in Brazil, Kenya, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Panama, and Peru.  He enjoyed working in developing countries around the world and was keen on developing local talents with great emphasis on transfer of technology. In 2001, Dr. Valliappan retired to spend some quality time with his family. 




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